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Manwhore Audition! (Daily Update from

June 5th, 2008

Miss Anais Sin and Mistress Brooke Robinson team up as the finest pimps on the block! They take one look at their new ‘ho and decide it’s make-over time! The force her to dress up in their clothes and then finger fuck herself to get her manpussy nice and loose for work! Visit: […]

Cyborg Slave! (Daily Update from

June 4th, 2008

Welcome back Mistress Brooke!!!
Miss Mitsu has a new toy to show off — a cock cleaning robot! As she and Mistresses Brooke Robinson and Ava Galoure play, their mechanical slave malfunctions during a monster cock lickdown! Watch to see what happens! Visit: to see the full video! Runtime: 7:36.

Strap-on Throat Fuck 2 ! (Daily Update from

June 3rd, 2008

Miss Varla fucks the shit out of her slaves throat after she kicks and tortures his balls. His choking doesn’t mean she’ll stop, Miss Varla makes you take it until she’s done. Visit: to see the full video! Runtime: 8:15.

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Smother and Suck! (Daily Update from

May 27th, 2008

Mistress Aurora has a big black cock that needs a good sucking! She forces her slave onto his knees and shoves his head down on it! After he has given her fem-cock good head, she puts a pillow over his face and throws her body on it! Visit: to see the full video! […]

Charlotte’s Hard Cock! (Daily Update from

May 23rd, 2008

Miss Charlotte’s is about to wash all the “semi-virgin” out of her yearning slave — with her glittery hard cock! She bends him over and goes to town on his fuckhole! She then forces him on his back and enters him missionary style! Watch as she mocks his moans! Visit: to […]

Suspended and Fucked 2! (Daily Update from

May 20th, 2008

Miss Varla has some fun on our brand new suspension sling. She hits her salve from both end. He takes on her pretty pink strap-on while getting a mouth full of an even bigger one. Don’t you want to take the ride? Visit: to see the full video! Runtime: 8:00.

Smothered and Fucked! 7 (Daily Update from

May 16th, 2008

Mistress Mona has a new sissy boy sub who needs some strap-on attention. Her little “pussy cat” sucks her vibrating dildo before getting it in the ass, then submits to some strap-on action. Finally Mona smothers him with her ass, which he kisses in worship. Visit: to see the full video! Runtime: 9:45.

Go Fuck Yourself! (Daily Update from

May 13th, 2008

Mistress Brooke Robinson’s lucky slave gets the honor of kissing and worshiping her lovely feet — as he fucks himself! She sticks a dildo to the mirror and forces him to ride it, while shoving her smooth soft peds into his face! Visit: to see the full video! Runtime: 9:36.

Penetration Picnic 2! (FREE Femdom Video Clip from

May 7th, 2008

Miss Charlotte is back to play more games, sing more songs, and fuck more manpussy! She decides to play “doctor”, using her feet to hold the medical instruments! She then straps on her harness and snuggles her cock between her slave’s asscheeks! Time to sing-along! Runtime: 11:21.

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Strap-On Orgasm! 2 (FREE Femdom Video Clip from

May 4th, 2008

The sexy Mistress Coraline is about to give her slave a most memorable ride, with her hard fem-cock! But first he must endure her favorite pastime - brutalizing cock and balls! She squeezes, flicks, and smacks! She then forces him to lie down and easily slides right into his fuckhole! Visit: […]

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